Paramedic Student Intern Authorization


Apply for Paramedic Intern Authorization Online



How Do I Become Authorized?

Initial Authorization:

  1. Submit a completed Paramedic Student Intern Application
  2. Submit a copy of a current valid California EMT certification card
  3. A copy (front and back) of your current CPR card for the Professional Rescuer or Healthcare Provider issued from the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, or another program approved by the SCEMSA
  4. Submit a copy of valid state identification card (i.e., driver's license) or valid federal identification (i.e., military identification)
  5. Be enrolled and in good standing in an approved paramedic training program
  6. Submit a letter from your paramedic training program approving your internship and providing the name of your Paramedic Preceptor.  The letter must be signed and submitted in a secure document PDF format.

The intern will be issued a paramedic student internship authorization card. The card shall be carried at all times while functioning as an intern. 

Note: All documents submitted must be legible to be accepted.