LiveScan Information for

EMT Certification/Recertification Applicants


Directions for Completion of Fingerprint Background Check

1.  Complete a “Request for Live Scan Service” form using the following link:

EMT Livescan Form

Please make sure the form is filled out correctly.  DOJ may reject it, requiring the background check to be repeated, including additional fees.

The background check process must be completed for each Agency that requires one. Information obtained in a DOJ/FBI Background Check cannot be shared between Agencies.

2.  Please have the Live Scan process completed within thirty (30) days prior to the date you plan on applying for certification or recertification. Contact a Live Scan Agency from the attached list and make an appointment, if necessary. Locations of Live Scan agencies can be found online here:

3.  The total fee for the background check varies depending on where you have it done. Each Live Scan agency charges a “rolling fee” which varies by agency. In addition to the Live Scan Agency’s rolling fee, there is a $32 Department of Justice (DOJ) and a $17 FBI non-refundable fee. You pay the total of the rolling fee, DOJ and FBI fee to the Live Scan Agency when you submit your fingerprints.

4.  You will need to take a photo I.D. with you to the Live Scan Agency.

5.  You will need 3 copies of the Live Scan form for distribution as follows:

  1. Live Scan Operator
  2. Stanislaus County EMS Agency
  3. Your copy

The copy you submit online to the Stanislaus County EMS Agency when completing your application and the copy you keep for yourself can be used to track what happens if your Live Scan fails to be processed.

6.  Certification will be issued after review and approval of the application and associated documentation, results of the background check and receipt of the EMT certification or recertification fee.

For Live Scan locations, go to